Easy Buy Card

Own your favourite durables with a single swipe of your Easy Buy Card. The Easy Buy Card gives you the power to own a new Air-Conditioner, LED TV, Refrigerator, Latest Smartphone or any other durable from various retail across India.

Features And Benefits

  • The Easy Buy Card comes with a pre-approved limit
  • Nil documentation*
  • You can take home a durable up to your eligible limit only
  • Use of an Easy Buy Card will be valid only at Capital First empaneled stores
  • A Dynamic credit limit is provided to the customer. This limit will keeps increasing on repayment of your existing Consumer Durable Loan.
  • If you lose your Easy Buy Card it can be blocked/replaced easily

*T & C Apply


  • The Easy Buy Card is provided to existing Consumer Durable and Two Wheeler Loan customers of Capital First basis good repayment behaviour
  • Eligibility is based on discretion of Capital First

To know your available balance send a SMS EBC to +91 83903 06070